Zinio for Android is Here!

I’ve been patiently waiting for Zinio to release their app for Android and the day has finally come! Zinio isn’t your average reader. Why because they have more magazines than Kindle and Nook “…choose from thousands of issues from 41 countries in 23 different languages.” I’ve also downloaded a magazine on both Kindle and Nook and neither can compare to the clarity and quality of Zinio’s digital magazines. I’ve had the desktop app for windows for a while and liked it a lot. So when I got my XOOM I was pretty disappointed to find they hadn’t released their Android version yet. Now that’s changed and it’s been released today. I’ve already got it downloaded and have briefly run through some free magazines and I have to say it looks GREAT! The app is now available in the market and is supported on Honeycomb. If you download before June 15th you’ll get 24 free magazines! So get over to the Android Market and download your Zinio App today! –Greg

Zinio’s Official Web Site

Zinio’s Android App in the Market

**Update – So after some regular usage last night I have some more comments. First, it takes way to long to download a single magazine. I’m running 18M download at home and was using WiFi only which still seem to take around 5-10 minutes. Second, more than several times would I turn the page and wait for it to load completely so that the text would be clear and it never would. I would have to turn past the page a few and come back to get it to load correctly. Lastly, I feel that the experience was rather slow overall. It’s a great start and feel it only needs to improve the 3 previously mentioned items and it will be pretty solid. Looking forward that polished product.