WordPress 2.0 for Android

Seems like just a few days ago I was wishing for an updated version of WordPress for Android. Well it was only few days ago and yesterday my wish came true. Automattic has released a sizeable update to WordPress for Android. This thing has really become a realistic tool to blog with now. They have added a bunch more features and gave it a friendlier interface and polished the look. Let’s not forget it’s now been optimized for tablets.

Here are some of the new features and updates:

  • New UI: Action Bar and Dashboard
  • New Post Editor with formatting toolbar
  • Tablet Support – scrollable item list optimized for the extra real-estate
  • Background post uploading
  • Media – Titles, Captions, and Placement

One of my biggest challenges was trying to make blogging in WordPress from my Xoom. Automattic’s WordPress for Android was very helpful in making that a little easier. The only major problem I had was with media. Not being able to control the alignment of my media, being able to correctly title pictures, and adding captions just weren’t possible. I would have to create drafts, upload them, and then login from my desktop to make final edits before publishing each post. Not anymore, now that Automattic has addressed all the fore mentioned. WordPress 2.0 for Android is now more usable than ever and with CES 2012 just around the corner this couldn’t have come at a better time. Between my Motorola Xoom and WordPress for Android, live blogging should be a snap when I get to CES. –Greg

Automattic’s WordPress 2.0 for Android