Windows Phone 7, doing it better?

Windows Phone 7 is starting to show up and I’d have to say it looks promising. Microsoft has brought and entirely new approach to mobile OS, instead of “Apps” its more about the actual content of those apps. The more tile looking feel that flips in front of you is kinda neat, I’ll admit. The single biggest thing that Windows Phone 7 has to compete or maybe even push them in front of the rest, Xbox Live. They show how you’ll be able to use Xbox live to play games and share the experience with other phones, Xbox, and PC’s. This could really give them the niche they would need to jump into shark water with the likes of the iPhone and the Android OS. I would say they could take the mobile world by storm. However, the “Apps” are going to fail them I can see it already. iPhone has a gazillion apps, Google and the Android OS not only has a gazillion apps, they have a gazillion programmers creating them. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe Microsoft isn’t going to take the same route. I tell you there is no doubt that mobile media is just growing at an insane rate and I’m enjoying it. -Greg