Windows Live SkyDrive on your desktop.

Windows SkyDriveWindows Live offers a service called SkyDrive, basically its online storage. They give you 25GB of free space to do with as you please, which is a pretty good size thumbdrive. Its not something I would use as a back-up solution, that is unless your running a 25GB hard drive, but its a great way to store files online that could be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection by opening your browser and logging in with a Windows Live ID. Now, SkyDrive Explorer has come up with an application that you can install for free. It turns your 25GB SkyDrive account into a folder or virtual drive on you PC that can be accessed like any other drive or folder you have on your local hard drive. Pretty neat if you ask me, I can think of several reasons to use this and I already have it in use as we speak! -Greg

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Download your FREE SkyDrive Explorer here.