Why Google's phone hasn't got me excited.

Google’s new phone “Nexus” hasn’t got me excited, I’ll let you in on why. If you been keeping tabs on my blog you’ve noticed that I have been following the Android mobile OS and the phones that are running it pretty well. You also may have noticed that I’ve slowed down a bit on posting every single phone as they pop into the spot light. Why, because not every phone is doing something different or stands apart from the previous. The perfect example of this is Google’s phone “Nexus”. Why is everyone flipping out over something that isn’t doing anything groundbreaking. The Nexus has slowly started to surface and from what I’ve read, you can quote me on this, WHOOPIDY-DOO! It’s just another HTC phone running Android. What you don’t believe me, read this article from GIZMODO, it helps you come back down to earth. So until the phone has officially released its specs and shows something magical, I will keep it in the closet with the last 10 Android phones that have surfaced I haven’t wrote about. Google, slap your new phone, Nexus, on AT&T’s network and then I’ll jump around singing I’m a little tea-pot. – Greg