Toyota Creating Anti-Drunk Driving Device

Wow Toyota, you guys are really innovative! I mean a device that would be installed in your automobile and would detect alcohol levels once blown in. This is something right out of The Jetsons. So if I get this right, a person when entering their vehicle and then after inserting their key into the ignition, would then have to blow in this device and after it tests for alcohol in your breathe, will then allow you to start the vehicle. This is great, Toyota you have done it again, first the 22r and now this!! This could be a great idea for alcohol related driving offenses. The judicial system could court order these things to be installed on an offenders car to help fight possible repeat offenders. Wait…. Wait…. OMG it just hit me THEY ALREADY DO THIS… haha Toyota you guys are “ra-tards” this is NOT a new technology its been around for years.. I’m guessing someone at Toyota watched 40 Year Old Virgin and then ran into the office the next with a “GREAT” idea. Stupid Toyota. I would like to say in closing this isn’t an altogether bad idea, alcohol realted deaths are ever increasing and it does need something to help stop it. -Greg


Toyota is testing a system that will detect alcohol levels in the driver’s breath and lock the ignition.

By Kevin Parrish, published on August 31, 2009 at 2:00 PM
Source: Tom’s Guide US

Toyota Motor Corporation announced earlier today (pdf) that it is diligently working on means to “eradicate” drunk driving by working with developer TMC in testing a new ignition-interlock system. Currently the system aims to reduce drunk driving problems for companies and organizations, but eventually the technology could be incorporated into consumer-level automobiles.

According to Toyota, the company has installed the new system on selected trucks and other vehicles, and will begin testing tomorrow, September 1; the test will conclude on November 30. The system comprises of a hand-held unit that provides a breathalyzer and a digital camera to identify the driver’s face. After taking a small breath sample, the system will warn the driver or lock the vehicle’s ignition if a specific level of alcohol is detected.

“The system thus prevents drivers from operating vehicles in an inebriated state, while follow-up instructions given by fleet administrators aim to further reduce the possibility of alcohol-related traffic accidents,” the company said. “In conjunction with the tests to be conducted by TMC and Hino, the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism (MLIT) will install the system in a vehicle under lease from TMC and conduct tests during everyday use.”

The company said that the test would verify ease-of-use in the real world and verify system functionality. TMC plans to use the test results in order to improve the system.