Skinomi TechSkin™ for Motorola Xoom – Pretty Sharp!

So I’ve had my Skinomi TechSkin™ for about a week now and I love it. I originally had the official Motorola Case for it and knew after the first 5 minutes I would be returning it as soon as I could get a replacement. It felt bulky and cheaply constructed, not to mention that you could not charge it while the case was closed. Anyway back to the TechSkin™, I wanted something that would protect from scratches, scuffs, and light potential damage. I thought a skin would be perfect and was right. I did a quick bit of research and decided to go for the Skinomi. This came with the skin and the screen protector as well. I opted for the Dark Wood Grain skin, which is awesome, but they have a few to select from. Looks fantastic and has a nice wood grain flow between all the separate pieces of the skin. After reading the installation instructions and watching the video I grabbed the ol’ lady’s blow dryer and went to work. It took me about 20-25 minutes to complete and had absolutely no issues. It still looks great, no corner curls or loose spots. Now I have confidence that I will not scratch my Xoom and it really feels like I don’t have anything added to it. If your out for a protection solution that is durable, doesn’t add mass, and looks great then Skinomi TechSkin™ is for you. -Greg