Sideload Android apps on AT&T Phones

Most are aware that if you buy 1 of the 3 current Android phones from AT&T, that you won’t be able to sideload apps. That is you won’t be able to install apps that come from sources other than the Android Market. I should say you can’t easily do it, as there are 2 options to do this. First, you can root your device, which you will have complete access to do as you please with your phone. The second is using the Android SDK and load your apps that way, like you are “testing” it on your phone. Now the AWESOME guys over at Android Central have created a third and surely the easiest way to sideload apps on AT&T Android phones. The “Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine” is a Windows app that allows you to install any .apk file (Android App) you want from any source directly to your phone. Link to the get your copy and a video below. Android Central, you’re the best! -Greg

Get it here –> “Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine