SGP Case Neo Hybrid Series

The SGP Neo Hyrbrid has to be one of the best aftermarket purchases I have ever made for any cellular device. I know that is a pretty strong statement considering I have had numerous cell phones and endless accessories to accompany them. I have not been so excited about my previous cases as I like the fact the new phones are slim, sleek, and light. Most cases change all of that simply by adding one. Cases range from cheap silicone jellies to the massive and heavy Otter-box. I’ve had them all and to be perfectly honest, they suck. Enter the Neo Hybrid case from SGP. It’s lightweight, durable, and almost adds nothing to the phones mass in anyway.

SGP Neo Hybrid Case not only protects the Galaxy S2 efficiently, but also perserves the original design of the Galaxy S2. The Body part of the case is high polymer coated Premium silicone case, and the Frame part is UV coated Polycarbonate frame

• Slim and form fitted to show the perfect shape of your device.
• Easy access to all control and ports.
• Available in 8 Colors.
• Ultra Crystal screen Protector included (1PC)

I have it for my Galaxy S2 for AT&T and it’s almost unnoticeable to everyone who has touched my phone. It’s design is a hybrid similar to most, it has the soft silicone with a more solid frame around it. Again, what makes it better is the fact that it can do all this with out losing the original size, shape, and weight of the phone itself. It protects the phone from everyday scratches and drops with out sacrificing the sleek design of the phone. This thing still fits in my pocket and doesn’t feel like I’m carrying a military issue phone in a crate. If you’re looking to protect you phone from the average abuse and still want your the original design of your phone, then the Neo Hybrid is perfect for you. Yes, they make it for the iPhone. -Greg