Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket to receive update

Samsung Galaxy S II SkyrocketBeginning tomorrow AT&T’s Galaxy S II Skyrocket will begin receiving an OTA update. This update is not Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0. This is merely a maintenance update that will that will add several new enhancements. These enhancements include:

•      Improved performance from several Qualcomm patches and other refinements
•      User Interface updates such as the new screen unlock swipe
•      The ability to ‘reply all’ in MMS messages
•      Exchange ActiveSync wipe to remove all content from the device and microSD card
•      Improved battery indicator icon accuracy

 This update will bring the Skyrocket to Kernel version, Build number GINGERBREAD.UCLA3. So, those looking for the ICS update you wait will continue. –Greg

UPDATE:  Seems most users are having an issue installing the update. The update continues to fail after about 75%. Users have been able to complete the update after doing  a stock restore. More information on what users have tried, failed, and succeeded doing can be found here on the xda-developers forums.