Samsung Captivate – Camera Features

Samsung’s Captivate has an enormous amount of hardware and software features. One of the things it does lack is a flash for its 5megapixel camera. I don’t really think a flash is big feature, as I’m not about to replace my real digital camera for my phones camera. When the camera in my phone begins near the 8+ megapixel mark then I would think a flash would become necessary. Short of the flash, the photo (5mp) and video (720hd) camera have quite a collection of features. The videos below quickly run through just about every feature and setting for both. I shot both of these videos using my fiancé’s HTC Aria and I have to say they turned out pretty well. I’d have to say the quality and tons of extra stuff for Captivate’s camera, make this first piece I reviewed a win for the Captivate. -Greg