Playstation 3 and Netflix, its about time!

Netflix and PS3I’ve been telling my girlfriend that we NEED a Playstation 3 to complete our home entertainment system. I’ve given plenty of reasons, the most obvious, Blu-ray, the next being we can share media (pictures, music, and video) across our home network via UPnP, and finally can you guess, GAMES. Well of course non of these mean to her that this is something we need. Well now I have a new reason to add to the list, Netflix! Netflix and Sony are finally teaming up to bring Netflix to the Playstation 3. I will admit that I had already researched a bit on how to get Netflix streamed through the PS3, which there are alternative ways to do so, but I never really threw that out there. Now, this has to be an excellent reason?! Nevertheless I have completed building my Windows Home Server, so the addition of a Playstation 3 is now imperative to complete our home entertainment system. I want, rather need to have the power of pictures, mp3’s, videos, games, blu-ray, netflix, and internet routed out of my beautiful plasma, I must and will have it! Resistance is futile! -Greg