Open your eyes, iPhone 4 is an obvious flop.

When the iPhone 4 was released fans of the iPhone everywhere rejoiced!

Quickly the iPhone 4 owners start complaining of yellowish tinting on their phones. Sorry guys we rushed the production, they didn’t get to dry enough, it’ll go away. iPhone fans rejoice! iPhone owners begin to notice that if they hold their iPhone they lose signal or even drop calls. Sorry guys we built an antenna that isn’t functional when you hold the phone in your hand. Just put a nice ‘livestrong’ rubber-band around your $300 iPhone and you’ll be good to go! iPhone 4 fans rejoice! iPhone 4 engineers realize that they have been “using the wrong formula to calculate signal strength all these years”. Sorry guys your iPhone doesn’t drop that much signal when you hold it, it actually just never had that strong of a signal to begin with.

Seriously if some how, some way, your still rejoicing for the iPhone 4, your either Steve Jobs or a complete idiot. iPhone 4 regardless of sales is a complete flop. Looking at the phone from a technical stand point, it’s junk. If you have an electronic device that does not function it becomes, junk. People have spent over 300 hundred of their hard earned dollars for a pretty Apple endorsed paper weight. It’s very simple to understand how Apple is so successful, they only release a single flipping product and spend a trillion dollars on adverstising it. You could sell a turd for a $1000 bucks if you package it right and it was the only one, but it’s still a turd.

Apple is a fruit, and thats all it will ever be. -Greg