Official Verizon Motorola XOOM Update

Looks like Verizon and Motorola are sending out the XOOM’s first official update, HMJ07B. Before I point out some things that are included, I’d like to point out whats not; no MicroSD support yet. Some neat things that are included added bluetooth mouse capability, SSL data transfer among websites, WPA Pre-Shared Key pass-phrases are now supported when using the device as a mobile hotspot, and support for Google Widevine DRM and HDCP. There are quite a few others that are included listed below. I’ll be updating asap, still looking forward to the official MicroSD support though. -Greg

Web Browsing and Data Access

+ Access and stay connected to Wi-Fi networks

with added Proxy support.

+ SSL data transfer with websites is now supported.

+ WPA Pre-Shared Key pass-phrases are now supported

when using the device as a Mobile Hotspot.

+ Supports Google Widevine DRM and HDCP.

Email and Messaging

+ POP3 HTML emails will display in their entirety.

Call Features

+ Bluetooth® is now supported in Google Talk™.

Additional Device Features

+ Encrypted passwords can be entered during power up.

+ Calendar events will remain up to date after an installed

software update.

+ Application storage errors will not appear unless the device

has reached maximum storage capacity.

+ Safely dock the MOTOROLA XOOM into the docking adapter without interruption.

+ Ability to add and use a Bluetooth mouse.

+ A shortcut key for the Bluetooth keyboard has been added.

+ View and import pictures from digital cameras with Picture Transfer Protocol.

+ When using the device in accessibility mode, menus will no longer prompt with sounds

Source – Verizon