Could Nexus One also be coming to AT&T?

The Nexus One has probably been the single largest phone craze that hasn’t been released. Google has created quite a frenzy with what once called imaginary or possible hoax. It is now official, for the most part, that Google phone does exist and will become officially official at the CES in just a few days. I hadn’t been so much sucked into the Nexus One craze until now, reports say that the Nexus One may be releasing a 2nd version of the phone. This version would be unlocked and have support for AT&T’s 3G band. That’s right folks it could also be available for AT&T. Of course this is only a rumor at this point, but in on 2 days well know more. Now I’m still not all that excited about the Nexus One in general, that’s because the phone still isn’t anything more special that the next. The Nexus One did make its way to  Engadget and they said its not much faster than the Motorola Droid, doesn’t support multi-touch, no physical keyboard. The only reason I’m even getting close to exited is the possibility that it makes it to AT&T. I already have my fingers crossed for the Motorola Android phone (it’s not the ‘Droid’) that maybe making it’s way to AT&T, now I’ve crossed even more for the Nexus One. Lets all hold hands and pray that at least 1 of these Android phones will be announced on AT&T! -Greg

Here is Engadget’s exclusive one their very own Nexus One.