Mobile SSH Client

This has to be one of the neatest apps I now have for my Blackberry. Developed by Karl von Randow,, MidpSSH is a free open source SSH / Telnet client that can be installed on you Blackberry, iPhone, and many other Java enabled mobile devices, check the site for more details. Downloaded it to my phone, add a session profile, and after a few settings changes to make the text a little larger, then changing the default emulation, it was smooth sailing. All said I had about 15 minutes involved before I was SSH’d into 1 of my FreeBSD machines at home.

Here are the features as listed from their website:

  • SSH1 and Telnet support, and now SSH2 support
  • Saved session profiles
  • Macros for entering frequently typed commands
  • Interactive input mode including typing special keys and control key combinations
  • Cursor movement using keypad or game control
  • VT320 terminal emulation
  • Traffic usage reporting
  • Free and Open Source (GPL)

For complete information and to get your own copy head over to their website

If you like it as much as I do, please make sure to donate and help the development!

This is a very smooth and handy app for any tech, I have to say it quickly became my favorite app. Nice job Karl! -Greg