Learn Iptables with help from nixCraft

Iptables in the simplest explanation is a firewall. It’s actually a program that allows the administrator to configure a set of rules that allow or deny traffic in and out of the machine it’s running on. I’m sure most anyone that has some basic understanding of their Linksys or NETGEAR routers can understand the firewall that is built into those devices. Maybe you setup RDP (remote desktop protocol) on 1 of you PC’s and had to open port 3389 and forward that to the IP address of your desktop. This is a firewall function, it’s allowing traffic to enter your network on port 3389 to a specific destination, in this case you desktop. Well Iptables is both complex in its endless ability to be very specific to the rules you set forth and simple (once you understand it) in the fact that there is no guess work, 1+1 will give you 2. nixCraft has written and excellent article on Iptables “Linux: 20 Iptables Examples For New SysAdmins“. The article makes understanding Iptables pretty easy for everyone as long as you have a basic understanding of network routing and firewalls. nixCraft has been one of the greatest resources (next asking a Linux / UNIX guru) I’ve found for help with do pretty much anything with Linux or UNIX. They have really done a great job of explaining Iptables by definition and examples. Head over to nixCraft and soak up Iptables knowledge today. –Greg