iPad 2 announced today. I’m kind of impressed, but not really.

I made a New Years resolution not to hate on Taylor Swift, Ford, Apple and pretty much anything in general that I’ve grown to dislike. I think I’ve done well to stick to it and feel good about that. So I’m not about to break that resolution here. That doesn’t mean I can’t review something right? Today Apple announced the iPad 2 and by nature I’m a geek so I sat in the front row (on engadget) and watched Steve Jobs and a few others tell us all about it. I have to say I was impressed for several reasons. Light, thinner, faster, cameras, and the battery life and price stayed the same. Good show Apple, good show! However I can’t simply applaud them without pointing out a few things against them. First up the obvious still no Flash support. Steve, you may think the future is html 5 and Flash is dying, but you’d still be the only one. Again no USB, I think Steve is just being stubborn. How about no 4G? If you’re trying to be a leader then why wouldn’t you use the latest in mobile network technologies? No, you won’t find support for LTE or HSPA+ on the iPad 2; however it will be sold on AT&T and Verizon’s 3G networks.

Now, let’s take another look at the price, yes it’s true that it stayed the same, however if you want HDMI, then you’ll have to fork out another $40. If you want their nifty cover that seems to be actually part of the design then you’re looking at another $40 for the poly and $80 for the leather. Adding these seemingly necessities could cost you $40-$120 more just for HDMI and the case, I’m sorry “cover”. Well that puts you up a few notches in price. Since there is no 4G support, USB, and Flash then you’re loosing a more than a few “how much is it really worth” dollars in my mind. So yeah the iPad 2’s out the door price is a little cheaper than the other major tab players, but your getting a lower end tab. -Greg


Here is a nice comparison chart provided by phandroid.com: