Initial review of my Motorola Xoom.

I’ve only owned the Xoom for a couple days now and can say without hesitation that it’s a sweet piece of hardware. I’m not going to get to deep, just a high level review. The hardware itself is of decent size and weight. Now its not going to fit in my pocket, nor do I want it too, but fits nicely in my hands. The weight isn’t overwhelming and gives you a nice sturdy, well built feel you want in any electronic device. The Honeycomb (Android 3.0) UI is pretty slick and works well with the hardware. I see no lag in moving around within the interface as I move from screen to screen and menu to menu. The amount of “real estate” that you have available to you is almost excessive when going from a smart phone to the tab. I’m sure that will change with the addition of widgets and apps. I spent probably over 5 hours just messing with the appearance and settings of my Xoom.. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression here. I didn’t spend that much time because I couldn’t figure it out. I spent hours because I wanted to learn about every setting I could change and adjust as well as I wanted to change and adjust everything I could to my liking. The stock browser works well, but I went over and grabbed Dolphin HD. I used Dolphin before on my phone, but felt it wasn’t a good match. Using a 10” screen I think using the extra neat features like gestures of Dolphin worked well. The speed of the 3G seems ok; however I have stuck to Wi-Fi and have been pretty happy. I’ve taken a few pictures with the rear camera with and with out the flash and they look as to be expected, great, but not drop dead awesome. I’ve messed with the front facing camera a little, but haven’t done anything neat yet. Typing on this nice size screen is a breeze, however will be looking to get Swype on here ASAP. The battery life has been good, I have had it off the charger since yesterday morning around 6AM-ish, I’ve used it a lot through out the day yesterday and evening and used it today, currently I’m sitting on about 50% life left. I think that’s pretty good considering that about 12 hours of use and the rest standby. The only downfall I currently see is the lack of widgets and apps that take advantage of the size of my Xoom. Overall I would give the Xoom a huge two thumbs up!! -Greg