HTC One S – A Real Contender

For starters you need to consider what I came from (HTC HD2 w/ Winmo 6.5) which was a huge misstep by HTC the hardware was awesome but it was held back by an outdated OS. Fast forward 2 years and now comes the ONE S again top of the line hardware but this time HTC gets it right by pairing it with the latest Android 4.0 ICS.

Things I like about this ONE (pun intended) it’s fast and I mean really FAST. The dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon will make your head spin, even though its a little handicapped with just 1GB of RAM (should have been 2GB IMO), as a mid range user I’ve seen no lag regardless of what’s running. The screen may not be the best on the market but after doing some comparisons with the naked eye you’d be hard pressed to tell a difference in resolution. The size of the screen however is not on par with where the market seems to be headed, at 4.3″ (what I would have considered the industry standard) it falls behind It’s competitors namely its sister the ONE X (4.7″), and the latest Samsung GSIII (4.8″). I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker because chances are if you really were shopping for or in need of a larger screen you already own a tablet.

The ever so light feel of the phone is a little scary, being so light and thin it comes off as extremely fragile but trust me it isn’t (wife already dropped hers on the concrete patio without scratch) but you may want to add a gel skin or hard case just to give a more substantial feel to it. The only criticisms I’ll make in addition to the RAM are ones that you will see in every review and every comparison namely no SD slot and the integrated battery, while the lack of a memory card slot is disturbing having 16GB on-board and 25GB of cloud do take the sting away but as to the battery all I can say is WTF. To make a long story short I absolutely love this phone and am glad to see HTC back in the ring with a real contender. – Robert