Google launches public DNS

Google launched their own public DNS service yesterday. In an effort to (take over the world) speed up DNS resolution, Google created their own DNS servers for the public. I honestly had never thought much about DNS being a bottle neck for surfing the web. Today I swapped out my Open-DNS servers for Google’s DNS servers and punched up a few different sites. I did site that I have been too as well as sites I haven’t been too, I’d have to say they are loading (resolving) noticeably faster! So, maybe DNS resolution could be a real bottle neck, that personally had never crossed my mind. Google could potentially take over the world, if only by offering better services in everything. Good show Google, good show! -Greg

Here are Google’s public DNS servers:


and for those of you who may need a little more info on what the heck I’m talking about or how to put Google’s public DNS in to use on your Windows, Mac, or Linux (if your using UNIX, I’m pretty sure you know what the heck your doing) machines, point your browsers too:

Using Google Public DNS