Froyo is coming to Samsung Captivate!

**UPDATE – Froyo will never becoming to the Captivate.  

So it looks like the Vibrant on T-Mobile won’t be the only Galaxy S phone that is getting the long over due Android update to 2.2, Froyo. Recently I have spoke with my own source from within AT&T and they tell me that they are going to be having a meeting later this week. The meetings main topic is helping Captivate customers with any problems associated with getting the OTA update to Froyo. So, either its pure coincidence or the recent uproar about the cell phone carriers not paying Samsung for update has kicked the Galaxy S line of phones updating into high gear. The meeting is to take place this week and following that meeting we should know more about when we will actually see the update hit the phones. I’m not holding my breath, but I am pretty excited. -Greg