Froyo’s hotspot feature on the Samsung Captivate.

Turning your Samsung Captivate into a mobile hotspot with Froyo (Android 2.2) couldn’t be any easier. Setting this up is easier than setting up your home network. Its minimal options make it both easy for the average joe and boring for the geeks. I had this setup with 2 iPhones connected to me in under a minute. The speeds were getting better than 250k down and 75k up. Considering that’s over 4 times the speed of dial up, I’d say it’s not to shabby. This of course was through AT&T’s lovely 3G network. 1 thing to note is I’m using the leaked I897UCJI6 version of Froyo from xda, which I’ve posted just recently. Lucky for me I was grandfathered into the unlimited data plan so I can suck it up for now. I’m very curious to see when the official Froyo build comes out if AT&T will have removed the Mobile AP feature altogether or add some nifty feature that tells AT&T to start running the meter. If that’s the case I will hang on to my leaked Froyo even after the official release.
Accessing and setting up the hotspot is pretty simple so I’m not going to narrate, but if you do have any questions let me know I’d be glad to help. -Greg