MIT has its doors open to everyone.

Imagine if MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) opened its doors and allowed everyone to learn from them, with out registration or previous education. Imagine if anyone could sign up for a class, get lecture notes, videos, and even take the exams. Imagine if you could do all of this, on your own, on your own time and at your own speed. Sound unrealistic? What if I told you that it’s already possible, that MIT is not the only university, college, or school that’s offering this? What if I told you, it’s FREE!  Open Courseware Consortium is making it more than possible; it’s available now to anyone, anywhere. Knowledge from the some of the most recognized professors, scientist, doctors, and education institutions from around the world! I stumbled across this while reading about the latest Windows exploit and feel as if I have found a pot of gold! Please take the time to look at it and at the very least, tell someone about it! Tell everyone about it, make a phone call, send a text, send an email, just share this pot of gold with everyone you see today! –Greg