Floating Monitors and Hidden Peripherals

I am so jealous! This guys has an awesome setup and I want it. I just need a couple monitors, another video card, and then I’ll weld me some metal together, piece of cake! haha, wonder how I could justify this setup for my office to the boss? -Greg

By Jason Fitzpatrick, 4:00 PM on Sun Oct 4 2009


Today’s featured workspace is full of surprises like monitors that seem to float in the air on a cloud of ambient lighting, cords hidden behind faux walls, and peripherals hidden in hollowed out shelves.

Lifehacker reader acflynn knows how to put together a home office with functionality and style if his contributions to the Lifehacker Workspaces Show and Tell pool are any indicator. He included such copious notes on each photo that we’ve opted to put those notes within the gallery below. Click on the first image to get started reading about all the nifty touches he’s included in his workspace. If the notes here aren’t clear enough, check out the original images with picture-based annotations at the Flickr link below.