Firewall Builder, a universal GUI firewall translator/builder.

Ever replace a production firewall with a new or different technology or platform? I have, and going from ipfw to iptables, or going from a TechGuard to Cisco ASA is not the easiest. Although I can appreciate doing it by tearing down each line and understanding it before rebuilding into a new platform, things would have been a lot easier had I had the use of Firewall Builder 4.0. This nifty tool allows you to user their GUI and build you firewall set and then export to the firewall platform of your choice. It can also act as a firewall translator if you will, as you can change from 1 platform to another.

You can generate configuration for a range of devices starting from small Linksys, D-Link and other routers running DD-WRT or OpenWRT, to firewalls running Linux, FreeBSD or OpenBSD on a regular or purpose-built PC, to Cisco routers and Cisco ASA (PIX) firewalls.

Firewall Builder 4.0 allows you a free 30 day evaluation and a license will set you back about $79. It’s available on Linux, Windows, and even Mac. Firewall Builder 4.0 is still in beta, but I expect this will be a great tool for any admin or engineers thumb drive. If anyone knows of anything similar or better I would love to know about it. -Greg