Firefox 3.6 Windows 7 Integration

I’m one of those who sticks with what he knows until I have a really good reason to change. Welp I might have to start using Firefox with this nifty little feature. -Greg

The latest Firefox beta integrates much more fully into Windows 7, adding support for Aero Peek-enabled tabs, an enhanced Ctrl+Tab, and more. We’ll show you how they work, and how to enable or disable them.

Enhanced Ctrl+Tab (optional) 

The really awesome new feature is an enhanced Ctrl+Tab, but you’ll have to turn it on with a simple tweak if you want to use it. Once you’ve done that (detailed below), you can simply hit the shortcut key combination to flip between the tabs. Note that it only activates if you have 3 or more tabs open.


Read the whole thing here – The Illustrated Guide to the New Firefox 3.6 Windows 7 Integration