Facebook password reset email scam

So, have you ever received a legitimate email about resetting your password for anything? I mean have you ever gotten and email from Yahoo, Facebook, Hotmail, or Bank of America that said your password has been reset without you initiating it first? No, you haven’t everything you get that has ever said anything close to this was a phishing attack, a spammer, simply put a scam. These emails have only 1 purpose, to get your password. I work for an ISP which 1 of the many services we provide is E-Mail and I see it everyday, some customer has replied to an email and given out their password. Their email account is used to send out 1000’s of spam emails asking if you want your member to be bigger, or would you like to see my neighbor naked, or well you get the idea. Folks, you have to get it in your head, STOP giving out your passwords. If a man came to your door and said he was from your Bank and needed to reset your ATM code by you giving him yours, would you give it to him? So, it looks like hackers have come up with another way, this time they are giving you your new Facebook password, that you didn’t ask for, in an attachment to an email they send you (check out the pictures below)saying, in turn it installs Malware and bam your screwed. Honestly people, if you weren’t expecting the email, then there’s a 99.9999999999% chance its FAKE! -Greg