Dell Latitude Z Hands On: Kills Cords With Wireless Charging

I can literally hear my brother saying “hell yeah” right now. He is all about wireless and I’m gonna say he, along with the rest of us, will be excited about this. Charging wireless is not a new concept, most people even of the non-tech savy will know it by that electric razor they have that doesn’t plug into anything, just sits in its own cradle and charges. Of course don’t get me wrong this is another technology all together, but wireless. According to the story this is more along the lines of the Palm Pres charging technology. I’m impressed, and if it wasn’t for the Microsoft tablet about to take all my money, I’d buy one! -Greg

By Joanna Stern, 12:01 AM on Tue Sep 29 2009

Someone at Dell must have tripped over some wires and after cleaning up the bloody gash came up with the $2,000 anti-cord Latitude Z: It has wireless charging and wirelessly connects to displays too.

Like we had heard, Dell made the Latitude Z for the suit wearing, briefcase toting, conference room type. Being .57 inches thin and weighing 4.5 pounds may make it the lightest and thinnest 16-inch notebook ever, but it’s still a full-sized machine. The design itself is a lot nicer than the typical business notebook, though. The soft-touch lid feels nice and the back of the magnesium alloy chassis has angled chrome plated hinges.

Similar to the Palm Pre but on a much bigger scale, the Z has power coils built in to the base of the notebook and so it charges wirelessly, through a magnetic inductive stand that’s an extra $200. Supposedly, it takes the same amount of time to recharge as a normal notebook power cord.

The love for no cords doesn’t stop there. You can also buy the $200 wireless dock and hook up all your peripherals (printer, monitor, mouse, etc.) to it rather than to the computer. It then communicates with the notebook itself which has Ultra Wide Band technology built-in so there is no need to add an extra dongle.

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