Captivate getting official Froyo update tomorrow!

Just when I had finally given up, the word “Craptivate” was on the tip of my tongue. I was ready to join the mob of angry Captivate owners. Samsung and AT&T deliver. It was officially announced via the Galaxy S twitter account and the AT&T Facebook page that Captivate would be getting the long awaited update to Android 2.2, Froyo beginning tomorrow. This is of great excitement to anyone who has made there way to using custom ROMs. I’ve been running an unofficial official version of Froyo on my Captivate for quite some time, only recently have I started using fully custom ROMs. The most exciting thing to me is whether they have fixed the GPS issue 100%. Well I can safely say that this was long overdue and had me finally throwing my arms up at Samsung. Let’s just hope its bug free. -Greg