"Bump" app arrives for Android

Android now has the “Bump” app that’s found on iPhone. I saw the commercial quite a while back for the iPhone that showed you a neat little app designed by the people at Bump Technologies that allowed 2 iPhone users to share pictures simply by bumping the 2 phones together. I was ready to go get my girlfriend and I an iPhone that moment, literally I wanted to run out and buy them right then. I’ve since had several moments of weakness where as I almost bought an iPhone. Android of course changed all that, now I just internet window shop the Android phones, and impatiently wait for the day that AT&T finally gets an Adnroid phone, so I can RUSH OUT AND BUY ONE! Anyway, as I was saying the Bump app allows 2 phones that share the app to share media by just setting the media they want to share and then bumping the phones together, isn’t technology wonderful! -Greg

 Get the app from Bump Technologies

Here’s a YouTube video of the app in action..