BillGuard – Antivirus for our bills.

BillGuard is an INCREDIBLE new service that helps you keep from getting charged for things you weren’t aware of. BillGuard is advertised as “Antivirus for our bills”. I think this is an easy label to understand for most, but doesn’t do it justice. Imagine you’re at a ball game and send a text message to say hello on the big scoreboard. Now imagine a month later you notice on your phone bill that there is some $2.99 a month service that is reoccurring and you find out that by sending that text to the scoreboard you had automatically signed up for a some text a month service. Well BillGuard is basically a service that would find things like this on your credit cards and more. The data this service collects, references, and analyzes is amazing. They also allow users input to help validate the fees and errors even further. The service is free for your first card and then you can upgrade the service to $4 a month for unlimited cards. The question I asked myself as I watched the video from was “How worried about security is BillGuard with regard to my financial information I’m going to give them?” Well, watch the video because they answered it! Overall I think this idea if awesome, especially for those who don’t comb their statements meticulously. I think the video below from the recent TechCrunch Disrupt will explain in much greater detail how the service works and what they provide. –Greg

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