AT&T your killing me!

I’ve been on the Android bus for quite a while. I’ve played with the 1.5 SDK, built a little app for it. I’ve watched as Motorola’s Droid came to life and charged the world like the beaches of Normandy. I now have subscribed to several Android blogs and get dozens of emails a day about Android this and Android that. I’ve become jealous of a few people I know who have some type of Android device. It’s even got as bad as people giving me trouble about them Few phones have hit the FCC with the possibility that they me be headed for AT&T’s network in the US, but I’ve seen nothing. Dell is still in my heart with the hopes that the phone they are now selling in China will sometime in the near future make it to the states. When is AT&T going to accept the reality that Android is not a fad, its not going to die, its going to make them millions and I NEED ONE!!!  I hate you AT&T, I hate you. -Greg