Android + Recognizr = Big Brother?

Recognizr, an Android app built by The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), allows users to point their phone at someone, click, and then see all social networking info about that person (that is if they are in the Recognizr database). So, your walking down the street and randomly take a snapshot of someone, instantly you know their name general location, what they do, who they are friends with, their hobbies, maybe even where they work? Seems a bit scary, but the news, Internet, and everyone has been trying to tell you be careful how much info you put about yourself on social networking sites, because its public and sometimes permanent info. Now, there’s just and quicker way to get to that information, snapping a picture. The obvious here is this will make it entirely to easy for someone to get information about any person they see. However, this is only based on the amount of information that individual is putting on the Internet themselves. So, basically the persons information that you getting only has themselves to blame. -Greg