Android App helps locate itself in the hands of thiefs!!

The Android application ‘Lookout‘ is an app that will protect you from viruses, backup your content, and even will do a remote locate and wipe in case its lost or stolen. Well a guy in Oregon got his Motorola Droid stolen right out of his house while sleeping. He contacted the police when he woke and found laptop, keys, tickets, and his phone stolen. He decided to get on the website for Lookout and check on his backed up data, when he noticed some pictures that he hadn’t taken. The pictures were of the thief who had stolen his phone. Investigators received a tip from a nearby high school, went to their home and found the suspected thief’s with the victims phone. People complain sometimes that technology is a pain, well I think only the thief will agree in this case. -Greg

Here is the new story on  FOX 12 Oregon