10 Top Torrent Sites

I’ve noticed more and more that when I travel to The Pirate Bay, I get stupid pop-ups, redirects, and a bunch of crap loading that I don’t want to load. I still push through and continue my journey till I find that 100% completely legal file that I need for testing purposes. I rarely stray from TPB, but I’m starting to look at the greener grass, places that have less crap trying to force its way into my PC or browser. Lifehacker recently put out a nice little list, 10 to be exact, of alternative sites for Mininova, which closed its doors to the general, I call it my alternate list for TPB. Anyway, I wanted to share this list with all of my fellow torrent leechers, because its a great list! Make sure your only downloading legal files and seed more than you leech! -Greg


*Update – #1 Best torrent site in my opinion is Demonoid. It’s better than TorrentSpy reborn! -Greg

Here is the list:

1. Torrentzap

2. Fenopy

3. ExtraTorrent

4. KickassTorrents

5. BTjunkie

5. Monova

7. isoHunt

8. yourBitTorrent

9. The Pirate Bay

10. ShareReactor