1 Click GPS settings with Launcher Pro Activities

If you haven’t loaded “Launcher Pro” you are missing out. I have only been messing with it a few days now, but I LOVE IT and had to buy the full version! I recently just found “Launcher Pro Activities” which allows you to open specific tasks within applications including within the Android OS. This thing allows access to a ton of what might otherwise be hidden Android features and menus. This also lead me to finding a very nifty trick that allows you to open “LbsTestMode” (GPS settings and tests) in a single click, rather than punching a bunch of keys into the phone. You must have Launcher Pro installed to do this.

This was done on my Samsung Captivate running Android 2.1

  1. Click an hold on a home screen where you have an available spot. (I actually added it to the main menu bar at the bottom, if you swipe your finger left or right you will find you have a lot more buttons that are open to be used)
  2. Click Shortcuts
  3. Click Activities
  4. Scroll down the list till you get to “LbsTestMode” and click the down arrow to the left of it.
  5. Click the first option under it which is “LbsTestMode, com.sec.android.app.lbstestmode.LbsTestMode”
  6. Label it whatever you want, or leave it at the default.
  7. Now you will have an icon that with a single click will take you directly into the LbsTestMode for changing and or testing GPS settings. 

I’m going to spend some more time with Launcher Pro Activities and see what else I can find. I’ve already found some additional tasks to run and I will be creating a list of them, what they do and how to find them. I would be a little careful on what you try yourself as there could be some potentially damaging tasks that you could be accidentally launching. -Greg

**Update – Here are some more that I have found. You will start at “Shortcuts -> Actvities” for all of these.

  • TV Out Settings:  Settings -> TV Out Settings (This just easier to enable tv out)
  • Battery Status:  Service Mode -> Battery Status (even shows the battery’s temp.)
  • Light Sensor:  Service Mode -> Lightsensorread (just fun to play with)
  • Street View:  Street view -> Street view (another fun one, starts at “79 The Embarcadero”)
  • Register DIVX:  License Settings -> Register (I don’t know any other way to get here)