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My Captivate and Froyo together at last!

Froyo“The snap of a few sparks, a quick whiff of ozone, and the lamp blazed forth in unparalleled glory.” Ok so maybe that’s not exactly how it went, but that unforgettable line from A Christmas Story is exactly how I felt flashing and booting Froyo (Android 2.2) for the first time on my Captivate. XDA forums user designgears has become mine and many others hero with his post where he shared the freshly leaked official Froyo build for the Samsung Captivate. I spent a fair amount of time trolling through the already popular thread reading everyones comments looking for complaints or proof that it was not the official build. It seemed that it was true the official (leaked) Froyo build was upon us. I pained through over 20 minutes downloading the Froyo Odin build, while biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat. I will be adding the Stock and Froyo Odin Roms to a torrent later tonight and posting it here, so check back. I backed up my paid apps using Titanium, then pulled my external SD and copied it completely to my PC. I also downloaded the stock Odin build for the Captivate just to be safe. I’ve added my own version of an easy to follow guide to share with anyone who needs it. 

Keep in mind a few things. My phone is running JH7 and is rooted. I’m not saying you need either of these, I just want you to know where I’m starting from.

* Make sure you already have your Windows drivers, which you can grab from here, installed for the phone before you begin.
* Make sure to run Odin with Windows admin privileges.
* Make sure to back-up anything and everything you might have stored on your phones internal storage. (phone book, pictures, music, documents)
* Also note that your phone will be wiped of all history, call logs, text messages, root access, the bloatware will return (which is easily hidden with Launcher Pro and if you need it back for warranty purposes its easily returned), it will be a stock phone running Froyo.

  • Power off phone
  • Remove SD Card (if you have one)
  • Start program on computer
  • Plug USB cable into computer
  • Hold both volume up and volume down buttons (it can be done, you will feel them both go down)
  • Plug USB cable into phone
  • Odin will detect the phone in whatever com port its attached.
  • Release Vol up and Vol down
  • Press the START button in the program
  • This will give some info in the program, wait
  • It will have a progress bar on Odin and on the Phone.
  • The phone will reboot itself and install Froyo
  • The phone will reboot itself again and BAM you have FROYO!!

That’s it for now, I’m going to be posting later today about some of the great things I’ve found using Froyo, such as the new task manager, added hotspot, updated cut and paste, and the almost fixed GPS. What you think I haven’t played with it yet? Yeah right, those are what I think are the biggest things and I can’t wait to talk about them!! -Greg

A special big thanks goes out to designgears and XDA!