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Create indexes for Splunk automatically.

Our Splunk environment uses nearly a thousand indexes per region or cluster with many more being added daily. Why so many indexes, well it’s all about administration. Let us say you have 5 separate websites or apps and each of the sites are managed by a separate team. Maybe each of these sites has a test and production instance, so for each site there is an index for test and an index for production. This means we have 10 indexes now for these 5 sites and those indexes can be specifically assigned to individual teams. Now imagine our environment with hundreds of sites with different environments and most of these managed by different teams. That is how we have such a large number of indexes with more being added every day. So the standard process of adding indexes just doesn’t make sense for our needs. So, I created some bash scripts that are run by cron jobs to automate the process.

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Otterbox for Motorola XOOM now available.

Otterbox the company known for making cases to overly protect our mobile electronic devices has released one for the XOOM.  As their website states “A high quality polycarbonate shell snaps around your tablet, while an impact absorbing silicone skin wraps around the outside of the shell to complete the case. The removable shield includes a pop up stand that has two angles great for typing or viewing videos. These all add up to rugged protection that keeps your XOOM safe from harm no matter where you use it.” Enough said? Actually there’s more, unlike almost all the cases currently out for the XOOM Otterbox made small and easy opening doors to get access to the external ports and the microSD slot. That alone sets this case apart from most. Is it worth $89.95, well I guess if your a little rough on devices like this then $89.95 is more than worth it to protect a $500+ purchase. -Greg

Otterbox for XOOM