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Update: Kim Kardashian’s booty-plants.

Back in July of 2010 I blogged about Kim Kardashian and the rumors of her having “booty-plants”. Well as much as I didn’t believe it others did. I even made a bet, which I had forgotten about until I re-read my own post. Looks like I’ll be collecting that bet soon enough! I know I’m a few months late as this story ran back in June, but I couldn’t resist anyway. So, back on June 26th 2011 an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired proving once in for all that her butt is indeed real as they come. Thank you Kim for having fun with an X-ray to the butt and helping me win that bet! – Greg

Link to the post on Kim’s Blog – http://kimkardashian.celebuzz.com/2011/06/26/kim-kardashian-butt-xray-real-implants/


Kim Kardashian’s booty-plants?

Ok, so this is not a breaking story or rumor I should say. It is actually around 2 years old, but I only just in the past 6 months had taken an interest into the Kardashian world.  Recently I was on vacation with some friends in Florida and the subject of Kim Kardashian and her butt came up. This turned into a fast, but (no pun intended) light argument about whether or not Kim has had butt implants. I believe 100% that its completely ridiculous and that its an obvious rumor spread from the lips of someone who hasdecided to be jealous of her butt. I don’t doubt that Hollywood stars have quite possibly used a plastic surgeon to do things we didn’t know they could even do. Searching the Internet for the answer was pretty pointless, as for 1 who said she didn’t, there was another who said she did. I did find quite a few actual interviews with Kim where the question had actually come up.  Like this one back on March 11, 2008 from and interview with Kim and TV Guide after an appearance on TRL:

 TV Guide: Are you surprised by how much attention your butt gets?
Kardashian: Seriously, it’s insane! Have people not seen Armenian women before? And then the rumors that it’s fake? Who gets butt implants?! Just [recently] in a magazine, they said that I had my nose, lips, cheeks and boobs done. Watch me take my bra off and you’ll know I haven’t had my boobs done! [Laughs] – Source

Now, I’m sure if you one of the believers that she had the implants then you will say she is lying and yadda yadda yadda. Seriously though hasn’t anyone thought about the size of the other sisters? They all have a butt, I mean have you seen Klhoe? Her butt has some serious size to it, but yet no one questions her. Well I think all in all we all know its just a butt and its real. Kim I made a $1 bet about your butt being real (I know it is) and I would like you to prove it. So, go get some  doctor’s professional opinion and make that thing a money maker for me! – Greg