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Convert a wall outlet to USB!

There are a lot of electronics that can be charged by a USB connection these days. I know there are at least 5 in my house, 2 cameras, 2 phones, and 1 iPod. Although its just not practical to have all these devices plugged into my computer to charge, or even a USB hub that again is plugged into my PC. Enter the USB wall outlet, freaking genius idea, simply add or replace a wall outlet with a USB outlet. I found a DIY on Intructables.com (a great resource for ‘how to’ on all kinds of neat projects).  Enjoy! – Greg

Heres the full DIY found at Intructables.com

and here’s a nice little YouTube video:

Acer joining the mobile Android market.

Looks like Acer will be joining the mobile Android market with a lot more mobile phones starting in 2010. Acer has already entered the mobile market this year with 10 devices, 9 running Windows Mobile OS and now an Android. Now they have plans to start building phones using the Android mobile OS. “There is definitely momentum behind Android. The pace is faster than most would have anticipated one year ago,”. Here is an article by Engadget that goes more into detail about the Acer Liquid, Acer’s Android phone. I talked about Dell entering the mobile market with their first model in China just recently, looks like the larger computer companies are all starting to get into the mobile markets. I wonder if we will see IBM enter the race, I haven’t heard anything, I’m just saying it would be something to see that! – Greg

Micro Center in Brentwood – Now Open!

Visit Micro Center, www.microcenter.com

Micro Center has just opened it’s first store in Missouri, in Brentwood. I got an ad in the mail yesterday for it and I have to say at first glance I was nothing short of excited! Looks like a NewEgg.com or TigerDirect.com, but in a store! It’s huge with more than just a computer junkie’s dream of over 5000 available parts, but also  includes thousands of books, and software titles. They have big name pre-built PC, Macs, and notebooks and they even have a huge knowledge bar where your able to talk face to face with experienced tech and figure out whats best for you new PC or how to fix your existing one. I did a bit of price comparison this morning and found that the price difference is unbelievable!  

Intel Core i7-920:         Newegg – $288.99           Micro Center – $199.99

OCZ DDR3 1600 6GB:       Newegg – $114.99 (after rebate)           Micro Center – $79.99 (after rebate)

Seagate Barracuda  2TB (ST320005N4A1AS-RK):   Newegg – $199.99       Micro Center – $179.99

You do the math, that’s a savings of $144, an average savings of $48,  just on those 3 items alone. I’ve built several machines from scratch, bought a ton of parts and accessories, and I always use TigerDirect or Newegg. Sorry guys, but there’s no question here where I will be shopping from now on. Not too mention where I may be spending my weekends, lol -Greg

Make sure you visit Micro Center for your next purchase!!