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Android App helps locate itself in the hands of thiefs!!

The Android application ‘Lookout‘ is an app that will protect you from viruses, backup your content, and even will do a remote locate and wipe in case its lost or stolen. Well a guy in Oregon got his Motorola Droid stolen right out of his house while sleeping. He contacted the police when he woke and found laptop, keys, tickets, and his phone stolen. He decided to get on the website for Lookout and check on his backed up data, when he noticed some pictures that he hadn’t taken. The pictures were of the thief who had stolen his phone. Investigators received a tip from a nearby high school, went to their home and found the suspected thief’s with the victims phone. People complain sometimes that technology is a pain, well I think only the thief will agree in this case. -Greg

Here is the new story on  FOX 12 Oregon


Could Nexus One also be coming to AT&T?

The Nexus One has probably been the single largest phone craze that hasn’t been released. Google has created quite a frenzy with what once called imaginary or possible hoax. It is now official, for the most part, that Google phone does exist and will become officially official at the CES in just a few days. I hadn’t been so much sucked into the Nexus One craze until now, reports say that the Nexus One may be releasing a 2nd version of the phone. This version would be unlocked and have support for AT&T’s 3G band. That’s right folks it could also be available for AT&T. Of course this is only a rumor at this point, but in on 2 days well know more. Now I’m still not all that excited about the Nexus One in general, that’s because the phone still isn’t anything more special that the next. The Nexus One did make its way to  Engadget and they said its not much faster than the Motorola Droid, doesn’t support multi-touch, no physical keyboard. The only reason I’m even getting close to exited is the possibility that it makes it to AT&T. I already have my fingers crossed for the Motorola Android phone (it’s not the ‘Droid’) that maybe making it’s way to AT&T, now I’ve crossed even more for the Nexus One. Lets all hold hands and pray that at least 1 of these Android phones will be announced on AT&T! -Greg

Here is Engadget’s exclusive one their very own Nexus One.

AT&T your killing me!

I’ve been on the Android bus for quite a while. I’ve played with the 1.5 SDK, built a little app for it. I’ve watched as Motorola’s Droid came to life and charged the world like the beaches of Normandy. I now have subscribed to several Android blogs and get dozens of emails a day about Android this and Android that. I’ve become jealous of a few people I know who have some type of Android device. It’s even got as bad as people giving me trouble about them Few phones have hit the FCC with the possibility that they me be headed for AT&T’s network in the US, but I’ve seen nothing. Dell is still in my heart with the hopes that the phone they are now selling in China will sometime in the near future make it to the states. When is AT&T going to accept the reality that Android is not a fad, its not going to die, its going to make them millions and I NEED ONE!!!  I hate you AT&T, I hate you. -Greg