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Dell is bringing the Thunder!

Dell is bringing the “Thunder” to the smart phone world, literally. Dell has leaked their newest Android phone called the “Thunder”, this bad boy is running Android 2.1 with a 4.1in OLED screen. I grabbed the leaked pages. I’d love to get all excited, but this phone is dated the 4th quarter of this year. So, I’m gonna skip my excitement for a moment and show you the info. -Greg


AT&T is keeping Android locked down because the network can't handle it!

ATT needs to step up to the Android plate and let it rip. They are no longer iPhone exclusive and if they keep locking down Android its not going to help them compete. Which brings me to a thought, maybe ATT is purposely keeping Android locked down so people won’t buy them to fast. Why you might ask? Because their network can still barely handle the iPhone explosion, imagine if they let Android explode on their network. Their network would tumble to the ground. Maybe once they finish a complete overhaul on their strained network the will  grab more Android running devices and leave them wide open and untouched they way they were meant to be? -Greg

Android is officially coming to AT&T!

AT&T has officially announced that it will be bringing Android smart phones to it’s network. They have a splash page at www.att.com/androidthat tells a little bit about what they have planned. The officially announced the Dell Mini3 and the Motorola (Backflip) which we had heard rumors about for quite a while. They have also announced 3 Android smart phones coming from HTC, which is 1 of the leaders in Android devices. In the press release they also said they are releasing a new AT&T SDK to help developers more easily and quickly develope apps for these devices. They also go on to say that they are “Taking the AT&T Developer Program to the Next Level”, by adding some new developer resources. I’d have to say AT&T has stepped up and it looks like they are going to knock this out of the park. They already have the “Fastest 3G Network” and this was even proved real world by Gizmodo. Now, with the addition of Android they will continue to be the leader in wireless mobile technology. I’m happy to say that I’m still with AT&T and will now not likely be leaving them anytime soon. Good show AT&T, good show! -Greg