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AT&T really does have the fastest 3G network!

Gizmodo did a 12 city 3G data test and AT&T won more than any other, with Verizon falling 2nd overall. Gizmodo tested 12 different cities across the US each was tested for speed. Although download speed was AT&T 6 out of 12 times, the upload was AT&T all 12. This was not however based on customer service or call quality, etc. I would openly admit that AT&T’s customer service sucks, but I honestly don’t have to ever deal with them, other than when I got my phone wet, which was my fault. So I guess waiting for AT&T’s first Android phone might be the best idea. -Greg

Gizmodo test cities:

Atlanta – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Bay Area/San Francisco – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Chicago – AT&T, followed by Verizon then Sprint
Denver – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Las Vegas – Verizon, followed by AT&T
Los Angeles – AT&T, followed by Sprint
Maui – Verizon, followed by AT&T
New York – AT&T, followed by T-Mobile
Phoenix – Verizon, followed by T-Mobile
Portland – T-Mobile, followed by Verizon
Seattle – Verizon, followed by T-Mobile
Tampa – Sprint, followed by AT&T

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