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Sideload Android apps on AT&T Phones

Most are aware that if you buy 1 of the 3 current Android phones from AT&T, that you won’t be able to sideload apps. That is you won’t be able to install apps that come from sources other than the Android Market. I should say you can’t easily do it, as there are 2 options to do this. First, you can root your device, which you will have complete access to do as you please with your phone. The second is using the Android SDK and load your apps that way, like you are “testing” it on your phone. Now the AWESOME guys over at Android Central have created a third and surely the easiest way to sideload apps on AT&T Android phones. The “Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine” is a Windows app that allows you to install any .apk file (Android App) you want from any source directly to your phone. Link to the get your copy and a video below. Android Central, you’re the best! -Greg

Get it here –> “Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine

Dell's Android phones coming in June.

Engadget recently posted some ‘leaked’ info about Dell and their tablets and phones. It looks like the Dell Aero and Mini 5, both Android devices for AT&T, will making their way to the market in June. I’m pretty excited about both of these phones. I know they will more than likely be locked down, lets not expect anything less. However, I don’t care because adding apps from outside Google’s Android Marketis a cakewalk using the Android developer kit as seen with the Backflip. So, the only thing that leaves is the supposedly unremovable bloatware that AT&T may shove down our throats on the phone. I’m pretty excited and with any luck I will only a year later will get to finally join the Android world as an owner and user, not just reader and blogger. – Greg

AT&T is keeping Android locked down because the network can't handle it!

ATT needs to step up to the Android plate and let it rip. They are no longer iPhone exclusive and if they keep locking down Android its not going to help them compete. Which brings me to a thought, maybe ATT is purposely keeping Android locked down so people won’t buy them to fast. Why you might ask? Because their network can still barely handle the iPhone explosion, imagine if they let Android explode on their network. Their network would tumble to the ground. Maybe once they finish a complete overhaul on their strained network the will  grab more Android running devices and leave them wide open and untouched they way they were meant to be? -Greg