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Pirates of the Caribbean on Android and iOS

Pirates of the Caribbean “Master of the Seas” is Disney’s new game on Android and iOS. What better way to spend your time gaming on Android then getting booty. Playing as a pirate you build a crew, plunder the enemy, buy land, and get booty. Taking social gaming with it you can have your friends become part of your crew.

Invite friends to join your crew, the bigger your crew the stronger you are!
Battle other pirates to gain rewards and increase your standing.
Buy cannons, weapons, amulets, and equipment to upgrade your ship.
Explore exotic islands, buy properties, and complete quests to earn gold and experience.

Best part of Disney’s new game, it’s free! So, head over to the Android Market or iTunes to grab the game today. –Greg



Commercial Mobile Alert Service coming to AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II

Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS) is a service that provides safety alerts based on the geographical location of a mobile user. You know the “This is a test and only a test, should this be a real emergency…” that you get on your TV now and then. Well its basically the same idea, but for mobile devices. CMAS is not new and in fact was first introduced in the U.S. by Sprint back in November. Now AT&T is currently underway pushing this out to the new Samsung Galaxy S II™ (SGH-i777). According to AT&T this was to begin on December 16 with the release of new software. It’s not clear if this will be an update to Android or a carrier side update. The update will allow Presidential, Imminent threat, and Amber alerts directly to the mobile device. Here is some of the official info:

Beginning December 16, 2011 AT&T will release new software on Samsung Galaxy S II™ (SGH-i777) to support Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS).
CMAS is a new public safety system that allows customers who own an enabled mobile device to receive geographically-targeted, text-like messages alerting them of imminent threats to safety in their area. Consumers will receive only three types of alerts through CMAS:
Presidential Alerts (automatic alerts that cannot be disabled by the customer) Imminent Threat Alerts (FEMA type alerts – customers can opt out of receiving these messages) Amber Alerts (e.g., child abduction alerts – customers can opt out of receiving these messages)

I’m an owner of this exact phone and I myself haven’t received any type of update or notification about this specifically. We should hear more about this in coming days I’m sure. Presidential Alerts are not optional, hopefully this doesn’t include anything of less than National Security as I myself don’t want to hear about Obama’s new health plan via forced mobile messaging. If you have received this update or maybe know more about it I’d love to hear what you have to say. -Greg

**Update – Looks like a number of users have started receiving the update to Android version 2.3.6 on December 16th as note above. Some of these users had failed attempts, so maybe the update as been slowed or pulled temporarily. Either way looks like this is definitely underway.


10 Android Apps for $.10 each!!

That’s right Google is celebrating 10 billion Android Market downloads by offering 10 apps for just $.10 each. That’s 10 apps for a buck for those of you counting on your fingers right now. Google is going to keep this promotion going for the next 10 days with a different 10 apps each day. Here is an easy  link to get to the 10 apps I’d bookmark it and check back each day – Android Market 10 Billion Promotion. Google made the announcement today on their developers blog. Here’s more about what they had to say. -Greg

One billion is a pretty big number by any measurement. However, when it’s describing the speed at which something is growing, it’s simply amazing. This past weekend, thanks to Android users around the world,Android Market exceeded 10 billion app downloads—with a growth rate of one billion app downloads per month. We can’t wait to see where this accelerating growth takes us in 2012.

To celebrate this milestone, we partnered with some of the Android developers who contributed to this milestone to make a bunch of great Android apps available at an amazing price. Starting today for the next 10 days, we’ll have a new set of awesome apps available each day for only 10 cents each. Today, we are starting with Asphalt 6 HDColor & Draw for KidsEndomondo Sports Tracker ProFieldrunners HDGreat Little War GameMinecraftPaper CameraSketchbook MobileSoundhound Infinity and Swiftkey X.

Of course, none of these apps would have existed if it weren’t for the developers who created them. Every day, these developers continue to push the limits on what’s possible and delight us in the process. For that, we thank them.

Please join us in this 10-day celebration and check in every day to see what new apps our developer partners are making available on Android Market—for only a dime.