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Android is officially coming to AT&T!

AT&T has officially announced that it will be bringing Android smart phones to it’s network. They have a splash page at www.att.com/androidthat tells a little bit about what they have planned. The officially announced the Dell Mini3 and the Motorola (Backflip) which we had heard rumors about for quite a while. They have also announced 3 Android smart phones coming from HTC, which is 1 of the leaders in Android devices. In the press release they also said they are releasing a new AT&T SDK to help developers more easily and quickly develope apps for these devices. They also go on to say that they are “Taking the AT&T Developer Program to the Next Level”, by adding some new developer resources. I’d have to say AT&T has stepped up and it looks like they are going to knock this out of the park. They already have the “Fastest 3G Network” and this was even proved real world by Gizmodo. Now, with the addition of Android they will continue to be the leader in wireless mobile technology. I’m happy to say that I’m still with AT&T and will now not likely be leaving them anytime soon. Good show AT&T, good show! -Greg

AT&T really does have the fastest 3G network!

Gizmodo did a 12 city 3G data test and AT&T won more than any other, with Verizon falling 2nd overall. Gizmodo tested 12 different cities across the US each was tested for speed. Although download speed was AT&T 6 out of 12 times, the upload was AT&T all 12. This was not however based on customer service or call quality, etc. I would openly admit that AT&T’s customer service sucks, but I honestly don’t have to ever deal with them, other than when I got my phone wet, which was my fault. So I guess waiting for AT&T’s first Android phone might be the best idea. -Greg

Gizmodo test cities:

Atlanta – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Bay Area/San Francisco – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Chicago – AT&T, followed by Verizon then Sprint
Denver – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Las Vegas – Verizon, followed by AT&T
Los Angeles – AT&T, followed by Sprint
Maui – Verizon, followed by AT&T
New York – AT&T, followed by T-Mobile
Phoenix – Verizon, followed by T-Mobile
Portland – T-Mobile, followed by Verizon
Seattle – Verizon, followed by T-Mobile
Tampa – Sprint, followed by AT&T

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