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Latest Top 10 Torrent Search Engines

Recently Demonoid was subject to a DDOS attack that crippled the site. This followed by a police raid has potentially shut the doors on Demonoid forever, sniff sniff. It’s because of this I have been asked by a few people where do I go now, what do you use? I actually didn’t have much of an answer as I had been strictly using Demonoid for a while. I wrote a post a while back about Tribler, which eliminates the need for an actual website that all current torrent search engines use. When I originally wrote the post it was fairly new and had a smaller following. Since then it has picked up steam and I think now is the time for Tribler. That being said I will still give you an updated list for the current top ten torrent search engines as reported by Torrent Freak. If you have a torrent search engine that you love to use and it’s not mentioned below, please drop a comment about it. -Greg

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10 Android Apps for $.10 each!!

That’s right Google is celebrating 10 billion Android Market downloads by offering 10 apps for just $.10 each. That’s 10 apps for a buck for those of you counting on your fingers right now. Google is going to keep this promotion going for the next 10 days with a different 10 apps each day. Here is an easy  link to get to the 10 apps I’d bookmark it and check back each day – Android Market 10 Billion Promotion. Google made the announcement today on their developers blog. Here’s more about what they had to say. -Greg

One billion is a pretty big number by any measurement. However, when it’s describing the speed at which something is growing, it’s simply amazing. This past weekend, thanks to Android users around the world,Android Market exceeded 10 billion app downloads—with a growth rate of one billion app downloads per month. We can’t wait to see where this accelerating growth takes us in 2012.

To celebrate this milestone, we partnered with some of the Android developers who contributed to this milestone to make a bunch of great Android apps available at an amazing price. Starting today for the next 10 days, we’ll have a new set of awesome apps available each day for only 10 cents each. Today, we are starting with Asphalt 6 HDColor & Draw for KidsEndomondo Sports Tracker ProFieldrunners HDGreat Little War GameMinecraftPaper CameraSketchbook MobileSoundhound Infinity and Swiftkey X.

Of course, none of these apps would have existed if it weren’t for the developers who created them. Every day, these developers continue to push the limits on what’s possible and delight us in the process. For that, we thank them.

Please join us in this 10-day celebration and check in every day to see what new apps our developer partners are making available on Android Market—for only a dime.



Honeycomb gaining steam.

My biggest complaint for my XOOM isn’t the XOOM, it’s the fact that there is really so little apps out there that are designed for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and the real-estate the tabs running it have. I am understanding and can be patient until more developers start creating for both phones and tabs alike. That being said, I have come to notice more apps that have been updated and even designed for Honeycomb. I’ve got a short list of a few good ones I’d like to mention.

Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC – Quick full featured Remote Desktop and VNC app, the virtual mouse is simply awesome.

AccuWeather for Honeycomb – Very slick Weather App.

FriendCaster Tab – Facebook app that takes advantage of the space.

CatchNotes – Notepad supersized and feature filled.


Another thing that really bugged me was how tiny the widgets are and how useless they felt on my 10 inch screen. Now with the release of Android 3.1 and the ability to resize those widgets natively I can appreciate the widgets that were included in the stock OS. All around it seems that Honeycomb is starting to build up as expected and “I’m loving it.” -Greg

UPDATE – I forgot my single most favorite app “Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC”. This thing is the best RDP app I’ve seen and the virtual mouse makes using RDP from Android to Windows almost easier than RDP from Windows to Windows. Great job guys, hands down the best!