Kenny Chesney Scores Three CMA Nominations

When Kenny Chesney says “Obviously, I want to win Entertainer. But looking at all of this, thinking about everything we’ve been, everything we’ve seen and done, in some ways I’ve already won because look at the memories we made. To me, that’s the best thing we can do: give the fans music and memories worth remembering.” He’s got plenty of reason to say it!  His music, shows, and style is what captures me and the millions of other fans, this combined gives everyone great memories and I can’t wait to make more! -Greg

When the CMA nominations were announced yesterday, Kenny walked away with nods for Entertainer, Male Vocalist and Vocal Event with good friend Mac McAnally for their multiple week #1 “Down The Road.” “It’s funny,” admitted the man who’s also won the CMA Album of the Year for When the Sun Goes Down, “but the more you do this, the more those nominations mean. You realize what it takes to receive an honor like this – especially from your peers who make it happen and know the work and commitment it takes. You’ve got to be humbled knowing what you do is recognized. For me, the last 8 years has been about how do we make it mean more, give people all the things I wanted from the artists I loved growing up… so that when they look back, this music, these nights are something they’re gonna be proud to remember their youth by.” “Obviously, I want to win Entertainer. But looking at all of this, thinking about everything we’ve been, everything we’ve seen and done, in some ways I’ve already won because look at the memories we made. To me, that’s the best thing we can do: give the fans music and memories worth remembering.”

Hugh Hefner files for divorce from wife

I’ve followed Hef’s stories for the past 10 years, and had no idea he was married. I think its good that he is finally getting the official divorce so he can get married and spend the rest of his life (however long that really maybe) an official bachelor! I mean he is every single and even most married men’s dream of living as a bachelor. It is absolutely hilarious though for the reason he cited as for the divorce, irreconcilable differences. You mean that having multiple girlfriends at one time, or living in a mansion with dozens of beautiful women, playmates at that. Maybe the endless super parties or could cause differences? I’d flipping date him if I could be a part of it all!! -Greg

Reuters – September 9, 2009 7:54 PM PDT

Hugh Hefner, one of the stars of the comedy film "The House Bunny", poses at the film's premiere in Los Angeles August 20, 2008. REUTERS/Fred ProuserReuters

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, host to an ever-changing coterie of scantily-clad young women at the Playboy Mansion, has filed for divorce from the estranged wife who many people forgot he had ever married.

Hefner, 83, filed court documents last week seeking to end his marriage to former Playmate Kimberley Conrad, 47, citing irreconcilable differences.

The documents, obtained by celebrity website on Wednesday, said the pair were married in July 1989 and have been separated since January 1998.

Conrad and Hefner have two sons. Since their separation, Conrad and the boys have lived in the house next to the famed Los Angeles Playboy Mansion where Hefner resided with several girlfriends and stars in the TV reality show “The Girls Next Door.”

“I am happy to be out of the marriage. I only remained married (to Conrad) for the sake of the children, at her request. I am happy to have this behind me,” Hefner told TMZ in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

Hefner’s decision to seek a divorce follows court action in August by Conrad, who filed a $5 million lawsuit against the Playboy founder relating to the sale of a house they owned together. Hefner told he owed nothing to Conrad, saying he had been “generous to a fault.”

The documents obtained by gave a glimpse into the lifestyle of Hefner, who earlier this year installed 19-year-old twins into the mansion as his girlfriends at the end of the fifth season of “The Girls Next Door.”

According to the documents, Hefner has assets of more than $43 million, excluding Playboy stock and property, and spends about $43,000 a month on food and entertainment.

Hefner has asked for spousal support for Conrad to be set at $20,000 a month, saying he has already given his estranged wife close to $12 million since their separation 11 years ago.

Hefner began publishing Playboy magazine in 1953. Profits from the adult entertainment business Playboy Enterprises Inc, which includes TV networks and licensing deals for pink bunny ears, have declined in recent years due to competition from free adult material on the Internet and a drop in advertising revenue.

Playboy Enterprises appointed a new chief executive in June to replace Hefner’s daughter Christie, who left after two decades. Hugh Hefner remains editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine and retains overall control of the company.

(Editing by Will Dunham)

Out with the old: Intel makes Core 'i' chips cheap

I’m pretty tech savy and when I think about upgrading my PC, its full blown warfare. I have to research (lets just say motherboard’s) on what I already know, or think I know. Then I have to go back and read millions of endless EU comments about every review I’ve read. Ok, so now I narrowed it down to a few possibilities , so I have to start thinking about price. Well when I finally decide on a MB I goto the next item, lets say CPU. I have to go through the whole process again, except now I have to make sure my MB supports my final decisions, which can help the initial norrowing down. This whole process may take me a couple days or weeks, even months. Ok, now I finally have everything, but yes I said even months, so you know by now ALL the prices have changed, most of the technology has changed and I’m beginning to start looking at a little newer stuff because its the same price of something I was looking at a month ago.. It’s war I’m telling ya!!  So whats the point, well now it looks great the new i5 chips are really cheap, wait they don’t support hyperthreading, I’m not going to upgrade my chip unless I move up to hyperthreading. So I’ll get an i7, now wait a minute this is getting more expensive and I can only use sets of 3 or sets of 2  sticks of RAM.. Do you see my point yet, Intel is just not making this any easier, tech is just getting outta hand.. lol makes me think about when I’m playing xbox, what happened to 2 buttons, A and B? -Greg

September 8, 2009 1:00 PM PDT

by Brooke Crothers

The main message of the new Core i5 chip is simple: it’s cheap–even cheaper than Intel chips based on older technology.

The i5, which brings Intel’s new “Nehalem” microarchitecture into the mainstream PC market, immediately makes many, if not most, of the older desktop processors obsolete. Consumers need look no further than pricing on sites like Amazon. The i5-750 lists for $250, while the older–based on Intel’s last-generation “Core 2” microarchitecture–Q9650 lists for $319.

The official pricing from Intel in quantities of 1,000 units makes the price gap even more stark: $196 for the i5 and $316 for the Q9650.

“The new Core i7’s and Core i5’s bring pricing to more mainstream levels, with the Core i5-750 at a 1KU (1,000 units) price of $196, which is well below the Core 2 Quad Q9650 at $316,” said Intel spokesman George Alfs.

“We are very serious about bringing all new Core processors to new price points and you’ll see this trend continue with Westmere,” he said, referring to Intel’s upcoming processors based on a next-generation 32-nanometer manufacturing process.

Comparing the old with the new, some consumers might point out that the older Q9650 has, for example, more on-chip memory and a higher clock speed than the Core i5. But the writing is on the wall: consumers will almost always opt for new over old when new is less expensive.

On Tuesday, Dell began offering the Studio XPS 8000 tower with the Core i5 starting at $799 and packing 4GB of “Dual Channel DDR3 memory” and a 500GB hard disk drive, among other features. Adding a 20-inch monitor hikes this to $979.

The message is more muddled, however, for the updated Core i7 processors because they maintain the same “i7” identifier as their predecessors–first launched in November–but offer different features that are not readily apparent to less-sophisticated buyers and potentially vexing for some savvy consumers.

“It gets confusing for the more technically knowledgeable buyer, and for us as system builders,” said Kelt Reeves, president of enthusiast PC maker Falcon Northwest. “Buying a Core-i7 950 model? Well then you can have a maximum of 12 gigs (gigabytes) of triple channel memory and you buy your memory in sets of 3 sticks. Buying a Core i7-870? Well then your memory is installed in pairs and the max you can have is 8 gigs,” he explained.

Reeves continued. “For instance, if you’re a heavy Photoshop user having 12 gigs of the fastest memory might be very important to you,” he added, saying in that case a consumer would want to opt for a Core i7 900 series over the newer 800 series.

There are other gotchas too. On the i5 processors a feature called hyperthreading is not included, as CNET’s Rich Brown pointed out Tuesday. Hyperthreading effectively doubles the number of tasks–or processing threads–a chip can do. “Heavy multitaskers and those who use multithreaded software will feel the loss here,” Brown said.