AT&T really does have the fastest 3G network!

Gizmodo did a 12 city 3G data test and AT&T won more than any other, with Verizon falling 2nd overall. Gizmodo tested 12 different cities across the US each was tested for speed. Although download speed was AT&T 6 out of 12 times, the upload was AT&T all 12. This was not however based on customer service or call quality, etc. I would openly admit that AT&T’s customer service sucks, but I honestly don’t have to ever deal with them, other than when I got my phone wet, which was my fault. So I guess waiting for AT&T’s first Android phone might be the best idea. -Greg

Gizmodo test cities:

Atlanta – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Bay Area/San Francisco – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Chicago – AT&T, followed by Verizon then Sprint
Denver – AT&T, followed by Verizon
Las Vegas – Verizon, followed by AT&T
Los Angeles – AT&T, followed by Sprint
Maui – Verizon, followed by AT&T
New York – AT&T, followed by T-Mobile
Phoenix – Verizon, followed by T-Mobile
Portland – T-Mobile, followed by Verizon
Seattle – Verizon, followed by T-Mobile
Tampa – Sprint, followed by AT&T

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Fight back against movie theater talkers!

Going through my normal bunch of emails from different tech sites I subscribe too, I came across this interesting article at GIZMODO. Basically its a set of unofficial guidelines that I think everyone should have to read and sign before being allowed to enter a movie theater. What do you think about them? -Greg

Article from GIZMODO

Most of us already know that it’s NOT socially acceptable to talk during a movie. But to those of us who weren’t born in a barn, these rude movie-goers are still a constant burden. It’s time to fight back, dirty.With Avatar in theaters, the stakes are simply too high to risk losing a film to some pudgy fat boy film school drop out who is convinced his personal commentary is just as important as the countless hours of work that have gone into the filmmaking process.

The following are a list of rules and responses that I feel, as a society, we need to deem socially acceptable to assimilate into our communal fabric.

6-Inch Voices, Or Group Humiliation
I know I’m coming off rude already. The occasional quiet comment to the person beside you, that’s totally fine by me. But If I can hear you from over two seats away, chances are, you need to shut the fuck up (throughout life, possibly, but definitely in the theater). If a person makes loud comments that a single “shhh” doesn’t thwart, everyone around them should stand, point and loudly ask them to leave (with liberal use of expletives). It’ll be a painful, distracting experience, but chances are, it won’t be needed again.

Really, It’s OK To Tell People to Shut Up
I know I just made this point, but I want to make it abundantly clear: telling talkers to shut up is OK. You are doing all of the shy, weak and first daters who want to enjoy a movie but not lose out on a potential post-film grope a huge favor. Let’s just make an oath, right now, to support one another against the talkers, be they intimidatingly muscley or not. Let’s acknowledge a silent brotherhood, poised to attack at the slightest breach of conduct.

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Why Google's phone hasn't got me excited.

Google’s new phone “Nexus” hasn’t got me excited, I’ll let you in on why. If you been keeping tabs on my blog you’ve noticed that I have been following the Android mobile OS and the phones that are running it pretty well. You also may have noticed that I’ve slowed down a bit on posting every single phone as they pop into the spot light. Why, because not every phone is doing something different or stands apart from the previous. The perfect example of this is Google’s phone “Nexus”. Why is everyone flipping out over something that isn’t doing anything groundbreaking. The Nexus has slowly started to surface and from what I’ve read, you can quote me on this, WHOOPIDY-DOO! It’s just another HTC phone running Android. What you don’t believe me, read this article from GIZMODO, it helps you come back down to earth. So until the phone has officially released its specs and shows something magical, I will keep it in the closet with the last 10 Android phones that have surfaced I haven’t wrote about. Google, slap your new phone, Nexus, on AT&T’s network and then I’ll jump around singing I’m a little tea-pot. – Greg